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Ways to Promote Your Website Online

Launching a website or blog could not attract visitors for several months, until certain true and effective efforts are done to promote it.
The promotional measures should be forceful and artistic so that it may draw the fresh visitors.
In order to improve the revenue from the website, one has to come out of his shell.
In the absence of such promotional steps many new bloggers or websites vanish from the field in no time.
The money involved in the promotion of the website can be the main cause of not achieving the desired popularity.
They usually fail to organize the effective promotional options.
Promotional Options for the New Bloggers and Webmasters Building Links: To achieve the main aim one has to build links with other websites that are related to your products but not the competitors.
You may trade links with them.
You may also contact with certain renowned Search Engines and get a good ranking on them.
Bonus: You may offer conditional bonuses to the visitors of your site.
You can lure them with certain e-book or certain other program, if they introduce 3 new visitors to your blog or site, for instance.
You can direct them to initiate their friends to e-mail on your site with their reference.
You can give them an e-book on receipt of these e-mails.
In this way you may get 3 new visitors of your site and a list, as well.
Create A Website Directory: You should gather the web-addresses of the various sites related to your field and insert you web-address in it.
You can offer it to your visitors to download free of cost, giving them certain affiliated links.
It may interest the visitors to get a lot of links of their interest at a spot.
Write Articles: The most neglected and effective method of promotion is to write articles about your website or blog.
You should write several articles and submit them to certain websites of article directories and social networking sites, giving a link back to your site.
These should be written nobly with rich keywords.
It may fetch a lot of visitors if any of the articles clicked the visitors of these sites.
Contests:Usually people get attracted to the free gifts and are keen to win.
It can be a conquering position if some contest is linked with the visit of the site or blog.
You may set a time condition for the visitors for certain action, for instance commenting on the blog or site.
At every good comment they get a mark and the visitor getting maximum marks, at the end of the time limit, may get some prize, as decided by you earlier.
Classified Advertisements: This is the option that can be utilized online and offline as well.
There are several sites offering their services for the purpose, many of them are free.
You can advertise with a link back to your site or blog.
These are some of the many ways to promote your website online, free of cost or at small expenses.

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