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Service is Vital

Electrical and PAT testing is done to comply with legislation yet we often overlook the plant and equipment that keep our businesses functioning.  Boilers, Air Conditioning units and ventilation systems which keep premises comfortable are expected to run with little or no thought as to the amount they are used and it is not until they break down or fail that they receive any attention.

It has also been proved that well maintained equipment uses less energy than plant with blocked filters or worn drive belts.  A unit will have to work significantly harder if it cannot "breathe" and will therefore use more energy.  The cost of a maintenance regime can be partially offset by the lower running costs associated with a clean efficient system but will be cheaper in the long run than repairing failed components

Our Service engineers have had to change compressors and fan motors in the past  as a direct result of dirty and poorly maintained filters which would not have occurred had the plant been maintained.

The same applies to boilers and with the "summer" rapidly eroding away we will soon enter the worst period for heating breakdowns.  When we first require heating after a prolonged period of inactivity we all reach for the controls and expect the systems to fire up – would you leave your car idle for six months and expect it to work without a hiccup?

If you have your boiler or air conditioning system serviced correctly on an annual basis it will not only work when you need it to but it will also:-
  • Keep running at the optimum efficiency
  • Prolong the lifetime of the equipment maximising your initial capital outlay
  • Keep repair bills and spare parts to a minimum
  • Ensure that the unit is safe to operate with occupants in the same space

Service and maintenance contracts can be arranged around the specific requirements of both the client and their plant and can be as little as an annual service or as much as monthly visits depending on the type and complexity of the systems.

With rising energy costs it makes more sense than ever to make sure your systems are operating efficiently and are maintained on a regular basis to ensure continued efficient operation and prolonged life expectancy of the equipment.

The benefits of regular servicing and maintenance are clear to see and if your business is failing to do the basics then it can often mean that when problems do occur, they can harm you far more than if they had of been tackled in the early days. 

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