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Tutorial on Viewports in AutoCAD


    • 1). Open AutoCAD and then find the file you want to work on. Open the drawing and when it has loaded switch from ModelSpace to PaperSpace. Click on a Layout tab at the bottom of the screen to do this.

    • 2). When you open the Layout tab the screen will change and you will see a white rectangle that looks like a piece of paper. On the sheet are two rectangles: a dashed one which shows the usable area of the sheet and a solid one which is the Viewport.

    • 3). Click on the Viewport line. Blue boxes appear at each corner. Click on one so it turns red and drag it to just inside the dashed line. Do this with each one until the Viewport fills the usable area.

    • 4). Double click inside the Viewport. The Viewport border changes to a thicker line. You are now looking into ModelSpace and you can now move the drawing around so that it fits into the Viewport. When you have lined up the drawing double-click outside the Viewport to return to PaperSpace.

    • 5). Click on the Viewport once more. Choose the scale you want the drawing to print at from the scale list pop-up at the bottom of the drawing area. You may need to realign the drawing in the Viewport once the scale has been applied.

    • 6). Save the drawing so you don't lose the Layout. You can now print your drawing from the Layout and be confident it will print to the correct scale.

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