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"Earth laughs in flowers" Ralph Waldo Emmerson Fresh cut bouquets of flowers in our homes are not a luxury, but are in fact a necessity.
We gladly send them to others to mark their special occasions, successes and to say, "I love you".
Yet for some reason we feel guilt ridden if we give them to ourselves.
Somehow we don't believe we deserve to enjoy the beauties of a fresh bouquet.
However, the benefits of having fresh flowers in our homes are countless.
Besides an arrangements ability to elevate our décor, flowers actually improve and enhance our sensibility.
By having flowers in our homes on a regular basis we are in effect, insuring our mental happiness and well being.
Make the procedure of selecting flowers for your home easy and enjoyable.
In time it will become an anticipated ritual that will give you great joy.
Grab whatever first catches your eye; what makes you "smile".
Then start selecting complementary blossoms and greens that will accentuate your choice.
Don't be afraid to try something new or daring, and occasionally splurge on something spectacular.
Nothing can quite compare to a large display of blowsy peonies in full bloom, or a hearty arrangement of sunflowers in a tall vase.
Try a variety of flowers, as they are available in Season, not only will it visually stimulate - it will change the feeling of your décor.
Start collecting a variety of vases in different shapes, styles and sizes.
By carefully examining your flowers you can judge what type of vase would best be suited.
Some flowers will "shine" in a formal cut-glass vase, while another flower would be overwhelmed.
Every flower will be best showcased by a specific style of vase.
Make sure not to limit your selection.
Try metal vases, galvanized buckets, old crockery, watering cans, cachepots and a wide variety of glass vases in all shapes and sizes.
To complement your vases, and to create a traditional style arrangement you can also try a variety of Flower Frogs.
These old fashioned tools ensure an upright and positional stem.
When you get your blossoms home and you begin your arrangement, make sure to freshly cut their stems.
This will ensure a longer life to your blossom.
Hold them under fresh cool water and cut a minimum of 1 inch from each stem with a pair of sharp, clean pruners, not scissors as they will crush their stem and choke-off their water intake.
Fill your vase with luke-warm water, and thoroughly mix a packet of floral preservative in it.
Make sure to remove all branches and leaves that will be beneath the water level to prevent bacteria formation.
When placing your bouquet, make sure you keep it out of direct sunlight and away from all heat sources.
Remember that cool temperatures will extend the life of your flowers.
A friend of mine puts her arrangements in the fridge when she goes to work, thereby putting them into a deep sleep until she returns home.
However, make sure not to forget the cardinal rule of fresh cut flowers - Change their water at least every other day.
This will remove bacteria from building up and insure "happy flowers".
But most of all make sure to take the time to enjoy your gorgeous bouquet.
Sit back and inhale their beauty, and let their restorative powers enhance your soul.
"Where flowers bloom, so does hope.
" Lady Bird Johnson

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