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3 Powerful Tips to Market With Ease

Marketing can be a subject that gets overwhelming.
The thought of using all the latest marketing strategies is exhausting and just when you learned a new way...
here comes another one.
Well remember that marketing is simply connecting to those who need your services.
So I suggest starting simple and expand from there.
Here are 3 Powerful tips that I have found to be very effective and do not require a lot of time or effort.
#1 Speaking Your first thought may be speaking publicly but I mean speaking in general...
whatever format feels most comfortable for you.
For those who do enjoy speaking publicly, this is a great method to get connected with many people at once to share your message about what you do.
You can keep it simple by offering a talk that is targeted with valuable information that people can apply such as "How to Use Social Media to get Clients".
For those who do not enjoy public speaking, you can connect with others one-on-one and speak about your services.
In this case, I encourage you to really focus on what their needs are first, then if appropriate offer your service or someone else's if you cannot help them.
This is an authentic way to serve and share your valuable services if appropriate or just simply share a statement when they ask what you do, "I help (target clients) who are struggling with (problem that you solve) and show them how to (the solution you offer).
" When you talk with people with an intention to serve and help when appropriate, it is authentic and there is nothing "salesy or pushy" about it.
Who knows, you may connect with someone for another reason such as partnering on a project or sharing referrals.
#2 Email Signature Use the opportunity in your emails to create a signature at the bottom.
This is an easy way to share what you do without actually talking about it in the body of your email...
unless of course it is appropriate.
I personally, belong to several different groups such as my local Moms Club, a nonprofit and my kid's school activities.
When I email anyone in the groups, it shows my signature at the bottom automatically so they can see what it is I do.
Surprisingly, I meet so many people in these groups and I have no idea what they do...
except those with a signature.
Your signature can be very simple such as your name, title, company name, website, and phone number.
If the person is interested in what you do, they will usually click on your website to find out more about you.
Hopefully your website offers a way for them to get connected such as an opt-in box but either way, you have sparked some interest and if they have a need or know someone then you've opened the door to an opportunity to work together.
#3 Give Them a Taste or FREE gift Depending on what type of service or product you offer, this can be used as a great marketing method to showcase your value.
The way that you can offer a taste is to give your ideal customer or client something free to try out your product or service.
This removes the risk in paying for something they may not be sure about plus people are open to trying something if it is free.
Some examples of ways to offer a taste include a free report, CD, sample, article, consultation or introductory session, short video, ezine, speech or presentation, 30 day trial, etc.
As you may have noticed, I offer a free report here on my website.
I also offer a complimentary 30-minute strategy session with potential clients to get clear on their goals, marketing challenges and offer at least 3 strategies for them to apply.
Then, if it seems like we are good match and I can really help them, I may offer a program or one-on-one consulting with me.
These 3 tips to market your business can be applied right away without requiring any new tools or investment.
I invite you to take action on at least one of these and you will immediately start planting "seeds" with every person you come into contact with.
You know what that means...
right? It isn't immediate (sometimes it is) but every seed you plant is another opportunity to reap a harvest later on.

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