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The Secret Ingredient To Gorgeous Success

Most people have the wrong idea about what an "Alpha Male" is.
Sure, the alpha is the guy that usually gets all the money, and all the girls.
(Well, not ALL, but you get the picture!) This much is not really disputed.
But what IS disputed, and often times hotly contested on pickup and seduction forums is what SPECIFICALLY makes one an alpha.
If you watch movies, read books or even play video games, the alpha is usually the biggest guy, the bravest guy, the best fighter, etc.
James Bond, Han Solo, Tyler Durden.
But keep in mind that these are FICTIONAL characters, that were created as an IDEA.
And the guys that came up with those characters aren't really your typical lady killer.
Yes, Han Solo is a badass fighter who can easily get girls, right? But he was made up by George Lucas! Now, Lucas is a great guy.
He's come up with some AMAZING stories.
Some would even argue that he's got the hypnotic story telling down to a science.
But an alpha male? When I think if George Lucas, I don't usually think of some guy hanging out with a bunch of hot girls in Bikinis! So Han Solo is ONLY an IDEA about what an alpha male is! So, back to the original question, what IS an alpha male? We can look to history as our guide.
Not current society, but the long, long historical past.
We're looking for behaviors that will trigger desire in women on a deep, deep level.
And anything that works on that level has been programmed into our DNA for THOUSANDS of years.
So, what is the ONE common thread that has been true of REAL alphas since the dawn of time? It's not flying spaceships, or participating in underground Fight Clubs while complaining about the state of society! It's simply being able to LEAD.
It's NOT the guy who's the edgy, quiet, stand in the corner in judgment of society guy.
It's the guy who's social, who's outgoing, and above all, is HIGHLY SKILLED in language.
The guy who can talk such a good game that he captures and leads the imaginations of the entire room, men AND women.
After all, guys who were LEADERS in times past didn't lead because they beat the crap out of people who disagreed with them.
They were LEADERS because they had such powerful language skills that they could convince EVERYBODY in the tribe to go along with their ideas.
Because back then, when our instincts were still cooking, LANGUAGE was all we had.
And no matter how much we've progressed, no matter how fast we are to building a REAL Millennium Falcon, language is STILL all you need for mad success.
Not only in the bedroom, but in the boardroom as well.

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