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Women"s Retreat Planning - Four Steps to Creating a Great Theme

Looking for a theme for a women's retreat? Many women's ministry leaders find themselves in the position of creating a new theme for the annual women's retreat.
When choosing from the myriad of possible themes, there are several things to consider.
Know the needs of your group.
It is important to be in touch with the women being served.
What issues are they facing? What topics of conversation have arisen over the past year? What concerns or difficulties do they face in their relationships, in their work, or in their community? A women's retreat is sure to be a success if the topic of the retreat addresses these key issues.
Discover what motivates your group.
Keep in mind the motivating factor behind why the ladies will be attending this women's retreat.
Young mothers need time away from preschoolers, as well as some adult conversation.
Working women generally gravitate toward times of recreation and a relaxed schedule.
Empty-nesters will most likely want extended time for conversation.
Pick a simple theme around what motivates your group.
Simply choose one word to be the theme for the women's retreat.
Simple words can be the springboard for many activities.
For example, the topic may be "Freedom.
" From this word, there is direction as to what books to study.
Discussion time can focus on areas of one's life that need to feel freedom.
Meditation time may focus on getting free of the thoughts that do not bring life to the heart.
Even decorating the retreat center can focus on freedom, with red, white, and blue colors.
Once the topic is chosen and the audience is identified, the rest of the women's retreat plans will come to life.
Choose a word and let the ideas flow.
Plan well and keep the schedule simple.
Accommodating this vast audience may seem overwhelming, but with a well-planned women's retreat schedule, it is possible to meet the needs of most of these ladies.
The best recipe for success includes times of study, discussion, prayer, worship, meditation, recreation, free time, and of course, some great snacks available at all times.

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