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How to Configure a Haxorware 5101 for Time Warner

    • 1). Download haxorware11rev39-DIAG.bin from the Haxorware website. It automatically downloads after clicking the download link. Save the downloaded file to your hard drive and then verify its successful installation by looking in your "Downloads" folder.

    • 2). Reset the Time Warner Cable modem to factory defaults. Hold the reset button for 15 seconds with power on.

    • 3). Power off the cable modem, computer and any router. Also detach cables from the cable modem and router.

    • 4). Connect a CAT5 Ethernet cable to the modem's output and the cable's other end to the router's WAN/Internet connection. Connect another Ethernet cable from your computer to one of the router's LAN or network ports.

    • 5). Turn on the modem first and wait for the connect light to remain steadily on. Then turn on the router, waiting up to two minutes until it's fully booted.

    • 6). Turn on and boot your computer.

    • 7). Verify your upload and download speeds by running the connection test at

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