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What Are Spectacular Angelfish Varieties?

Angelfish are amazing to look at and they come in great varieties of colors.
Silver Silver is generally considered to be the normal color of wild Angelfish.
Generally in this type you will see the whole body has white color and there are 4 dark vertical lines going through that white.
The first line will pass through angelfish's eyes while the second is generally in the front and the bottom fin.
The third line is generally in between the top and the bottom fin.
The fourth is at the starting part of the fish's tail fin.
Some varieties of angelfish also have black speckles in the body.
Zebra These are similar to the silvers with the difference that they have more of vertical stripes in the body and these stripes go through the tail.
Black Lace This variety is also called the stepping stones for the completely black variety.
The primary difference between Black Lace and Silvers is that the former have a great intensity of color and especially in their fins.
So if you are planning to mate 2 Black Lace, it is almost certain that you can get fifty per cent Black Lace, twenty five percent Blacks and twenty five per cent Silver.
Black These fish are a solid, velvety black.
In mating a Black to a Black Lace you can expect fifty per cent Black and fifty per cent Black Lace and if you mate Black to Black you can expect hundred per cent Black.
Half Black As the name suggests these fish are of half black and half while colors.
Their front part is white whereas the black goes through the top and bottom fins and reaches the tail.
Veil tail Veil tail Angelfish are quite popular as well.
They come in a lot of color varieties.
Generally if a Veil Angelfish mates with Silver you can expect fifty per cent veil and fifty per cent Silver.
Again, if you allow two Veils to mate, you can get fifty per cent Veil, twenty five per cent ordinary angels fish and twenty five per cent Long Tailed Veil.
Marble This is a very popular variety of angelfish.
These fish have a somewhat broken type of both black and silver and they are described as marbles.
In their head and back portion they have a hint of golden and in the fins it's black and white.
Golden angelfish can be of a pure silvery white and can be of golden color without any other markings.
Blushing Blushing Angelfish generally possess a red cheek and they do not have pattern in their white body.
They are also considered to be the most delicate variety of all angelfish.
Pearl Scale Pearl Scale Angelfish posses quite a bumpy and somewhat rough looking scales in their body and fins and they come in different colors.

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