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How to Stay at Club Med Cancun, Yucatan

    • 1). Before you can stay at Club Med Cancun, Yucatan, you will need to acquire a passport. All American citizens traveling outside the United States are required to have a passport. Passports can be obtained by going to the U.S. Department of State Passport Home website and following the instructions. The U.S. Department of State website will walk you through filling out the application regardless of whether this is your first passport, a renewal for and existing passport or a replacement for a lost or stolen passport.

    • 2). If you have Internet access, booking your stay at Club Med Cancun, Yucatan can be easier than going the telephone route. Booking over the telephone means that you have to get the phone numbers ahead of time to set up the arrangements. The cheapest way is to book online. You can search through Club Med's own website and book through them. Club Med Cancun, Yucatan's website information and a link can be found in the resources section of this article.

    • 3). The next step is to book air travel. Visit all the different airline's websites that fly into Cancun's International Airport (CUN) from your departure airport. Make sure to consider at all surcharges the various airlines will be charging as this should be figured into the cost of your trip.

    • 4). Settle travel accommodations for your stay at Club Med Cancun, Yucatan. It is suggested that you rent a vehicle if you are going to be going exploring on your own. This will allow for you to visit restaurants, shopping, nightlife and any sites that are not within walking distance. The concierge from Club Med Cancun, Yucatan, whose information can be found on their website, can help you to find exciting places to visit during your stay.

    • 5). Another way to book online would be to use Priceline, Expedia or another travel site. These types of sites are great for destination vacations. All you will need to do is use the resource links in this article and it will take you to their site. You can actually book the entire trip including accommodations, airfare and car rental through these services.

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