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How to Make a Toy Paper Sailboat That Floats

    • 1). Lay the piece of paper flat on an even surface so that it is oriented vertically.

    • 2). Fold the paper in half by taking the top and folding it down and even with the bottom.

    • 3). Take the left side of the paper and fold it evenly over to the right side, and then undo the fold.

    • 4). Fold the top corners of the paper down into the center. The tips of each corner should meet in the bottom-middle of the paper, leaving a thin strip of paper at the bottom that looks like a rectangle.

    • 5). Take one side of the remaining rectangle and fold it up onto the triangles. Take the other side of the rectangle and fold it up onto the opposite side.

    • 6). Take the two small triangles that are left hanging over the edge of the folded-up rectangle and fold them back and over the large triangle shape and behind the rectangle on the other side. Flip the paper over, and fold the two triangles on the other side over the large triangle.

    • 7). Open the bottom of the paper by pushing the two corners inwards.

    • 8). Bring the two corners to each other completely so that the paper is now transformed into a perfect square.

    • 9). Use the big corners that lift up to reveal an opening, and lift each side up to the opposite corner so that the paper is now a triangle again.

    • 10

      Open the triangle at the bottom again and push the two corners together to form a square.

    • 11

      Turn the square so that it is a diamond shape, with a verticle "line" down the middle. Fold the diamond in half so that the bottom point of the diamond meets the top point, making a triangle. Unfold into the diamond shape again.

    • 12

      At the top of the diamond point, pull the loose flaps outward to make the shape of a paper sailboat. Stick your hand underneath the triangle in the center to open it.

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