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How Do I Winterize a Mercruiser 5.7L?

    • 1). While the boat is on the trailer, lower the drive unit as far as it will go. Remove the top vent screw and the bottom drain plug. Allow the old gear lube to drain completely. Fill the unit with new lube from the bottom hole. When lube come out the top, the unit is full. Replace the plugs.

    • 2). Add the required amount of gasoline stabilizer to the gas tank. See product instructions for the correct amount. Change the engine oil and filter. Replace the fuel filter.

    • 3). Drain the water from the engine block, exhaust manifolds and risers. Attach the ear muffs to the lower unit water intake. Fill the winterizing kit with marine antifreeze and attach the line to the ear muffs. Start the engine. Pour fogging oil into the carburetor and drown the engine just before the antifreeze empties from the winterizing kit.

    • 4). Remove each spark plug and spray fogging oil into the cylinder. Replace the plugs.

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