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Top Ten Causes of New Jersey Auto Accidents

Thousands of automobile accidents occur in New Jersey each year.A New Jersey auto accident lawyer sees a lot of different causes, but these are the most common reasons accidents occur.

10:Looky Loos – Some people just can't pass something unusual, such as road construction or an accident, without looking. And when they do, they may cause an accident themselves.

9: Radios – Listening to music while you drive certainly makes the ride more pleasurable. However, if you become distracted singing along to your favorite tune, you may lose your focus and not notice that traffic has stopped immediately ahead.

8: Bad Weather – Coping with rain, snow, sleet, ice, New Jersey residents for the most part are good drivers. However, these weather hazards test the best of drivers.

7: Fatigue – With our hectic lives, it is often difficult to find enough time for sleep, but if you take to the road with mind and body numb with exhaustion, you are putting yourself and others in danger.

6: Road Conditions – You can be a first-rate driver, but if a pothole presents itself you may find yourself losing control. A New Jersey auto accident lawyer may be able to help you recover damages from the city if you were injured in an accident caused by poorly maintained roads.

5: Debris/Flying Objects – You never know what hazards may come your way unexpectedly. If you are, say, driving a highway at night and come upon metal debris that just fell off a truck up ahead, you face the dubious choice of swerving to avoid it or crashing into it.

4: Speeding – You may be late to work, or a wedding, but racing down the highway, swerving in and out of traffic to make up time may cause you to never get there at all.

3: Eating-- Who hasn't grabbed a burger on the run? But when ketchup drips onto your nicest blouse/shirt while you are changing lanes, you may not even think before looking down to clean it off.

2: Cell Phones and Texting – Who really thinks they can drive at even a moderate speed and text without being distracted? Talking on cell phones/texting while driving now are major causes of traffic accidents.

1: Intoxication – More New Jersey residents die on the road due to intoxicated drivers than any other cause. Moreover, alcohol and illegal substances are not the only culprit. Many prescription medications cause drowsiness or an inability to maintain focus.

The message in all of this is to drive safely and defensively, always looking for the unexpected. However, if you are injured in an accident due to the negligence or fault of another, call a New Jersey auto accident lawyer.

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