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Small Gifts for Teachers

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      Teachers work hard and it's nice to give your teacher, or your child's teacher, a small token of thanks. Give her a gift during teacher appreciation week, for her birthday or around the holidays. If she does something beyond the call of duty, you could also give her a small gift. A gift for a teacher does not have to be expensive. A small, thoughtful gift is sufficient to show your appreciation.

    Coffee or Tea

    • Many teachers enjoy drinking coffee or tea throughout the day at school. Create a small gift basket devoted to her beverage of choice. Purchase a basket from a dollar store or use one you have at home. Then, place a cute coffee mug or tea cup inside the basket. Include a container of coffee or an assorted mix of tea bags. You could also place a box of sugar cubes, honey or flavored syrup in the basket. A colorful glass or plastic swizzle stick makes a cute addition to the basket as well.

    Framed Thank You

    • This gift is an especially good idea for a teacher who teaches small children. Help your child write a note saying how much she appreciates everything he does, or including her favorite memory about him. Have her write the note on colorful paper and with a colorful marker or crayon. Then, frame the note in a pretty picture frame the teacher can place in his classroom or at home. If you want, place a picture of your child on the note as well.


    • It's no secret that teachers spend a lot of their own money on supplies for their classroom. Go to your local dollar store and create a gift basket with lots of items that he could use in the classroom. Include things like staples, thumb tacks, rubber bands, paper clips, construction paper, crayons, dry erase markers, pencils, pens and anything else you can think of. You can tailor this gift to the type of teacher he is. If he teaches young children, lean toward craft supplies for the kids. A teacher who teaches older kids might prefer more office supplies or even a gift card to a supply store.

    Illness Prevention

    • Teachers are constantly surrounded by children. And children can be covered in germs that can make the teacher sick. Give her a gift basket full of items she can use to stay healthy. Choose a bottle of hand sanitizer. You can even find a variety that smells good, rather than smelling like alcohol. Include a small can of sanitizing spray, vitamin C lozenges and a pretty package of tissues.

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