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What Would You Think If I Told You About A Guaranteed Method To Reach 100f Your Target Audience?

Beyond that, what would you think if I told you that you could develop a base of prospects that that would look forward to hearing from you? You can do this, and more, by starting a blog for the help Since the landmark CANN-SPAM legislation, I think the spam situation has gotten worse instead of better. I continue to get more new spam than I can effectively filter, and the "marketing gurus" who send me newsletters from time to time, are bemoaning the fact that as much as 46% of their outgoing e-mail is never getting to its intended recipients because of spam filters; either on desktops, or at ISPs.

Worse, in an effort to get through the filters and into your inbox, those same gurus are reduced to sending their messages using words like 's*p*a*m', or 'free', or 'guar*an*teed'. For me, this is a turn- off that makes their messages look unprofessional, and in my eyes, costs them credibility. And here is where a blog begins to solve those problems.

What is a Blog?

The word is a loose contraction of the term, "Web Log." A blog is--at a minimum--"a journal that is available on the web for more details go to The activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog is a "blogger," according to the WWW Dictionary.

What is Blogging?

Blogging offers the opportunity for people to tell the world what's on their minds, to share their passions, or to simply inform them of current events--no matter how uniquely focused. Orto tell them what's going on in their business. A blog is a hybrid e- zine/newsletter that keeps you and your contacts in touch with each other.

1.) Responsibility/Commitment - Daily Posts
Regular updates require children to be disciplined and responsible.

2.) Communication - Increased Communication with Friends and Relatives
Blogging or journaling gives children the opportunity to connect with relatives who might live some distance away, communicating important timely issues.

3.) Technology - Exposure to Internet Technologies
Children are growing into technology-laden world. Exposure to innovative Internet technology will help them with communication skills and rsum-building.

7.) Typing
Getting children acquainted with keyboards at a young age will help them become familiar with their layout and function, quickly making them proficient typists.

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