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Removing a Popcorn Ceiling

    Asbestos Test

    • 1). Put on your construction mask and goggles.

    • 2). Fill a spray bottle with water and spray six different areas in different parts of your ceiling.

    • 3). Using a large putty knife scrape off 1-inch of popcorn texture in each location and place the samples in a plastic bag.

    • 4). Take the samples to a local lab to test for asbestos. If the samples do come back positive, have a professional remove the popcorn ceiling.

    Remove Popcorn Ceiling

    • 1). Cover all furniture in the room with plastic sheets and place a dropcloth on the ground to protect your floor.

    • 2). Put on a construction mask and goggles to protect yourself from falling debris.

    • 3). Fill a spray bottle with water and spray an area of 5 feet. Do not soak the popcorn. It should be moist, making the popcorn soft.

    • 4). Scrape off the area with a large putty knife.

    • 5). Move across the ceiling in 5-foot sections and repeat these steps until all the popcorn is removed.

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