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Getting Started in Online Marketing

Getting Started in Online Marketing:

While it is important to have a well -balanced marketing campaign including both free and paid advertising methods, we often start a new home business in response to a lack of funds.

So how do you 'hit the ground running' when you have more time than money?

The short answer is social media marketing, but in our haste to get our 'message' or 'pitch' across we often miss some important steps required for business longevity.

1) Create YOUR brand.

Establish an image that is an honest portrayal of you and a picture of how you want your business to look. (Check out MikesLife for some excellent methods in self-branding)

2) Create a blog reflecting your brand.

Spend some time on this. Remember, on the Internet, your blog is your house. You want people to get a 'feel' for you, so as well as relevant articles, add 'your story', personal thoughts and some photos. Build your blog off line if you can and publish it when completed.

Free blog hosts include

3) Social Networking

Set up accounts in social networking sites basing the look and feel of these sites around your brand. (Do this while you are setting up your blog.) Start building followers at a steady pace and regularly add valuable content to these sites, share yourself and encourage others to do the same.

Social Media Sites include




There are many of these, have as many as you can maintain.

4) Launch your Blog

This is where it all comes together. Use your social media sites to attract traffic to your blog, put a link to it in your email signature, write a press release send tweets about your valuable content. Do whatever it takes to invite everyone over!

5) Market It

Your Blog is your platform from which to market yourself and your business, so you need to attract visitors. Regularly use your social networking sites to invite people over (remember to have excellent content so they will want to keep coming back!) You can also place free classifieds, submit your articles to other places such as Ezine Articles or GoArticles (there are many of these).

6) Maintain it

Now you have your platform from which you can market yourself and your business, you want people coming back, so add new and valuable content regularly. From now on all your marketing campaigns should point to your blog.

These are the first few steps involved in creating a solid online business on a tight budget.
More information can be found in my free resources section on my blog

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