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You Can Get Your Ex Back Real Fast As Long As You Work On Yourself! A Must Read For You

Heart break and heart ache are a part of life. Some people we learn to live without but some are just meant to be with you forever. But what are you doing moping around letting your hair get matted and dry, packing on pounds by excessive eating and drinking your sorrows away.

If ex's came back by doing all this, then heart breaks would be fun...a new reason for crazy and sinful indulgences. But since all this is not working and no matter how many packs of beer you drink or how many tubs of ice cream you finish you will have to work in order to get out of this misery.

If you feel that your ex is your soul mate, then instead of feeling sorry for yourself and wasting your time you need to get an action plan in place. Here are a few ways of getting your ex back.

Work on your looks
The first thing that a person notices is the way you look. So get a dramatic makeover. Just like retrial therapy, this is the perfect time to get that tummy tuck, nose job or some chemical peeling done. With a dramatic change in your appearance, you will be able to catch his/her attention once again.

Have a blast
To flaunt your new found good looks you will have to go out and meet more people. Better if you manage to bump into your ex while socializing. Give him/her that jolt that they need. Since he/she expects you to be sitting at home pining away for your lost love, this is the perfect way to make him/her see what they are missing out on.

Go on pretend dates
This is a sneaky way of making your ex jealous, but when the going gets tough, the tough get rough! Be seen dating new people and start fraternizing in newer circles. However, make sure that you casually seem to bump into your ex while you are enjoying your rendezvous with someone else, someone who is better looking and more successful than your ex. Press the green buttons and see how your ex begins to get drawn to you.

Don't get desperate
When you do all of the above, your ex will get drawn to you. But the trick to get him/her back for good is not by jumping into his/her arms immediately otherwise your ex will see right through your game. Take small steps and make your ex realize that this reunion has to be treated like a new relationship. Resolve your previous issues taking professional help and move ahead with confidence!

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