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Longboard 101

Let's face it--public transportation prices are downright outrageous. Working families, students, senior citizens, I'm not sure how people are expected to pay these high fares in addition to all the other costs of living. This is exactly why I choose not to. Starting in my early 20s until this very day, 10 years later, I still opt for riding my longboard for cruising to and from work. Not only is this a great way of saving money, but it's also great for keeping me in shape and it's environmentally friendly.

When I was in my teens, I didn't even know what a longboard was. I was always so concerned about being in cool skating clothing and doing tricks with my high school skating crew. I guess you could say that I was "skateboardedly closed-minded." In college, I was so busy with my schoolwork and budding social life that I rarely had time to do any type of skating. When I started working after college, I wanted to continue to keep skating in my every day life, after a few weeks of using a shortboard, a regular sized skateboard deck, I felt exhausted and knew that I had to try something new. When a good friend of mine told me about longboards, I decided to borrow and use his for the day. The second I went down my street, I was forever changed. The experience was like no other.

The longboard is really great because it's basically like surfing on wheels. Because of its heavier weight, it's not really meant for tricks, more for cruising, downhill racing, and especially transportation. The design of a longboard creates these really fluid motions and big smooth turns that's completely different from regular skateboard decks.

Longboards are ideal for urban transportation because of the way the decks are designed. The longer length of the board and teardrop shaped deck makes cruising a relaxing and natural riding experience. The skateboard trucks of longboards have wider hangers than a shortboard deck does to accommodate the wider size of the deck. Longboards are shaped differently according to each rider's preference, no particular shape is better than another.

Concave--upwards bends on two sides of board which helps your toe and heel for optimal rider control Camber--gradual lengthwise downward bend of a board, typical used on flexy boards so the board won't sag when ridden on. Rocker--gradual lengthwise upward bend of a board

These different shapes are often combined together. For example, a rocker concave gives a very secure feeling that's ideal for sliding. I definitely recommend longboards for transportation, whether you live in a city or just want to have some fun on the weekends.

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