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Know how to book advertisement in Assam Tribune

Assam Tribune, the third most popular newspaper of Assam, is robustly meeting the shifting trends of Indian journalism. This tendency has helped this newspaper in enduring in cut throat competitive environment. Its remarkable growth always pulls advertisers to persuade the population of Assam. If you also want to give ad in this newspaper then you need to know some important things to receive high response.

The newspaper is known for delivering good response on all categories of advertisements including text, classified display and display advertisements. So, you can give advertisement in Assam Tribune in any kind of format suited with your budget and advertising goals.  Now, question comes before you that what you can advertise in this newspaper. You can give ad inAssam Tribune for any kind of your commercial offerings.   In classified category, the newspaper accepts public notice, business, service, computer, recruitment, education and all other types of advertisements. Same thing applies for display category as you can advertise any kind of targeted product and services to Assam population in Assam Tribune.

Now, you need to know that which segment of Assam population can be captivated most by giving advertisement in this newspaper. The newspaper is published in English language so it mainly edifies the well educated segment of population. Its position is unyielding among this part of population. So, whenever your target is to popularize your product offering among working, college going students, upper strata of Assam population then advertisement in Assam Tribune should be given. This leading daily has maintained a good reputation among readers that gives the benefits of brand building to the advertisers.  o, if they are going to invest a huge chunk in display advertising in this daily then it is necessary to evaluate the offerings with the demand of urban strata of Assam.


The entire decision of advertising in this renowned daily depends on the cost. Its ad rates are highly feasible. So, you can select this newspaper as an advertising medium without compromising with your budget. Its ad rates are highly feasible and suitable for small business owners.

 After attaining basic details related to advertising in Assam Tribune, you must have decided that you should publish in this daily or not. If your decision is bending towards advertising in this daily then you should gain information that how you can book ad. You can book ad from online newspaper ad booking agencies. These agencies give the guarantee of lowest prices and best services to the advertisers.

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