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How to Get Started Flying Radio Remote Control RC Helicopters

If you've been thinking about learning to fly remote control RC helicopters, you already know there are a lot of different models out there, with new and improved ones appearing all the time.
You may be wondering how to go about getting started and which RC helicopter you should choose; if that's the case, let's see if I can help.
Using a RC flight simulator (or "sim" for short) is a great way to acquire good flying skills at no risk to you, others or your helicopter, and good quality sims can be had for around $200.
Take your time on the sim seriously -- have fun, but approach practice like you're flying a real copter, and work to develop good techniques and habits, rather than bad ones.
A simulator will give you experience with a variety of RC helicopters, and help you make up you mind about which model to buy.
As your control and handling skills improve, you can continue to use the sim both to stay in practice and to learn more advanced strategies and maneuvers.
While the flight simulator is an indispensable training tool for anyone serious about RC helicopters, and will help you develop confidence as well as hone your flight skills, the next best option to start off is with a relatively simple, forgiving, and inexpensive electric RC helicopter.
You can find Ready to Fly (RTF) copters for use both indoors and out for under $200, fully assembled with engine and radio gear installed-your only additional outlay is for transmitter batteries.
There is a Wikipedia article, RC flight Simulator, with external links to additional information regarding several commercially available flight simulators.
To access the information, go to wikipedia.
org, type "RC flight simulator" in the search box and click the magnifying glass to view the article.
RC helicopters is the fastest growing segment of radio control flying, and with new technological improvements and the broad availability of inexpensive, fun-to-fly models, should continue to attract new enthusiasts for long to come.
Learning to fly can be demanding at first but also very gratifying, so why not visit your local hobby shop or online retailer and get started in this great pastime today!

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