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How to Replace the Headliner in a 1999 Tahoe

    • 1). Remove the old headliner from the 1999 Tahoe by removing the Phillips screws from the plastic trim pieces around the edges of the headliner. Use a flat screwdriver to pop out the plastic case surrounding the overhead lights. The plastic comes off and the lights remain hanging from the ceiling and won't interfere with the headliner being removed. There are visible Phillips screws in the plastic hooks over the back seat and one in the rear cargo area that should be removed.

    • 2). Pull the old headliner down, including the fabric and the headliner board. If you aren't replacing the entire board, be very careful not to bend the board too much. To make the job easier, find someone to help you take down the headliner board. Pull it out of the rear cargo door area so it doesn't have to be bent to fit out of the side doors.

    • 3). Lay the headliner board on a flat surface and pull the old fabric off if you aren't replacing the headliner board. Cover the board with new fabric, cut all appropriate holes out of the new fabric and use spray adhesive to attach it to the headliner board. Skip this step if using a new headliner board.

    • 4). Put the new headliner back into the Tahoe through the rear cargo door. Have someone help if possible. Make sure it is turned in the right direction and is facing down so it doesn't have to be turned or taken out again.

    • 5). Place the headliner into position and replace the plastic trim pieces along the edges. Push the plastic case for the overhead lights back into position after lining up the lights. The plastic snaps back into place when pushed.

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