Health & Medical Self-Improvement

Motivation Is the Key

As an inspirational speaker my job is to get people to take action and one of the largest areas of procrastination is health and fitness.
Approximately 70% of my audience say: "I want to get fit and lose some weight".
When you think about losing weight it is a negative TASK that you have to perform in order to get the positive GOAL that you really want - a better shape body.
Which thought do people focus their attention on when they diet, the negative task or the positive goal? For total commitment to a health and fitness goal put this 10 Step process in place: 1.
Stop looking for the easy way to health and fitness - there isn't one.
Get some medical advice about your health and fitness from a fit and healthy doctor 3.
Join a gym or sports club, paying a years membership up front.
Ask the coach to help set some short term goals within the sport.
With the coach's advice, enter a competition that will take place in three or four months time.
Decide to do something that will force you to stretch yourself and train hard.
Tell all your friends the date of the competition and ask them to come along and support you.
Ask a dietary expert to help you with a four month weight loss goal and design a diet to achieve it.
Tell everyone you know of your goals and your action plans.
Book a venue and send out invites to all your friends to help you celebrate the achievement of your goal.
Buy the clothes you'll wear to that event and hang them up next to the fridge.
On the invite you send to all your friends, tell them you'll pay for all their food and drink at the event if you don't achieve your goal.
The question is not whether the above approach would work but do you have the commitment to work it?

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