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How to Check If Someone Is Getting Social Security

    3 ways to request information

    • 1). Access the SSA website and complete the Social Security Electronic Freedom of Information (eFOIA) form. You may complete the form and submit your request online. You may request any information you would like, but not all requests can be approved.

    • 2). Make a mail in request. You do not need an official form to make a FOIA request. You need to compose you request and note on both the envelope and its contents: "FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST". You must include your name, address, daytime phone number or e-mail address. Mail your request to:

      Social Security Administration

      OEO FOIA Workgroup

      300 N. Greene Street

      P.O. Box 33022

      Baltimore, Maryland 21290-3022

    • 3). Go to your local SSA branch to request the information. A customer service representative can direct you to the proper forms. If you want access to another living person's record, you must have the person's written consent to disclose the record to you. These requests must be directed to your local Social Security office.

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