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How Do You Get A Man To Smile? Here Are Some Great Ways To Make Him Easily Smile

The thing about guys is that there a simple people.
Women for some reason, generally can't figure out this simple truth.
But, when it comes down to it, there are several very effective ways to make a woman smile.
And here they are...
Do Little Things- Guys love it when a girl does little things to show her love and appreciation.
A note in his lunch bag, or text message telling him you love him, will serve to make his day a pleasant one.
Something so small will keep him going the whole day, and he will be extremely grateful for you kind gesture.
Learn Something He Loves- Whether one of his favorite sports, hobbies or activities.
Get him to teach you how to play, and he will be more than pleasured to teach you his ways of how to play.
A great way to really please him and bring him closer to you than ever before.
Do Spontaneous Things For Him- Surprises make a man very excitable.
Buy him something he's had his eye on, or cook him up something he loves.
Something that really gets his happiness bursting out from him.
Go On A Daring Weekend Getaway- Is he an outdoors person, or maybe he likes to go camping, hiking or rock climbing? Leave the stress and limitations of city limits, and escape to something that is bound to make him very happy.
Make Him Laugh Physically- Start tickling him, poking at him, touching him sensitively.
Get his laughter firing uncontrollably.
He won't be able to restrain himself, and you will set off a flurry of playfulness and joy.
Show Him That Your His- When you are walking down the street together holding hands, and enjoying each others' company.
If another guy comes along staring you up, be sure to show the guy that you are his.
Stand more closely to your guy, and put your arm around his shoulder.
Whatever it takes put a smile on his face and make him feel proud.

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