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A Guide to Arriving in Sydney

Visitors arriving by air to Sydney will land at Sydney's Kingsford Smith Airport, Australia's largest, busiest and most significant commercial airport.
In terms of physical size, Sydney is a sprawling metropolis, meaning that depending on your holiday itinerary, you could be heading a number of different directions once you exit the airport.
For those heading to the CBD, the airport is located an easy 8km away, and how to get there is just one of things visitors should consider when arriving in Sydney.
Like any other international portal, Kingsford Smith Airport offers visitors a range of accommodation, transport and activity booking services.
Those who have not organised their stay in Sydney should take advantage of these services prior to leaving the airport.
To ease the arrival experience, take these things into consideration before you touch down Down Under:
  1. What time of day will you be arriving? When planning your arrival in Sydney, consider what time of day you will be landing.
    Due to the distance between Australia and many other overseas destinations, and in light of different time zones, you may be arriving at the same time you left! Sydney's roads are notoriously bad, so knowing what time of day you are arriving will allow you to decide whether you need to organise transport, or if a cab or public transport will be easy to catch.
    If you're arriving on a Friday night, for example, it's likely that traffic will be terrible, and having a prearranged transfer organised may save you a long and expensive cab fare.
  2. Accommodation.
    Many visitors will have pre-arranged their accommodation when arriving in Sydney, but for those who have not, there are a number of areas and accommodation types to choose from once you land.
    Accommodation and hotel boards and booking services are available at the airport, but it's a good idea to have a vague idea of the area, price and type of hotel you will be looking to stay in.
    If you're looking for cheap accommodation, Surry Hills and other inner city suburbs are a good place to start.
  3. How you will get to your accommodation.
    Once you've organised your accommodation, plan how you will get you (and your luggage) there from the airport.
    There are a number of transport options to choose from.
Train - Thereare railstations located at both the International and Domestic Terminals, and the Airport Link service offers the newly arrived a fast and convenient way to reach the centre of Sydney.
Trains run approximately every 10 minutes and the journey into the city takes only 13 minutes.
Once in the city, passengers can transfer to other suburban railway lines.
NB: With many escalators, stairs and long railway platforms, travellers using the train should consider whether they will physically be able to carry their luggage.
Taxi - There are a number of taxis which will transfer visitors to their destination or accommodation at any arrival time.
For those arriving at night or who have pre-arranged their accommodation, it's a good idea to check if yours is a hotel with airport shuttle - an easier, no-fuss option that will save you the cab fare and the stress of figuring out where to go.
Hire Car - Sydney Airport has an extensive range of hire cars available for eligible drivers.
Hire car company information booths are easily visible on arrival.
Sydney's Kingsford Smith Airport is easily navigable with a range of services to accommodate the arriving traveller.
Once you've successfully arrived and found your way, you'll be free to enjoy all the attractions, natural beauty and sublime weather that Sydney has to offer!

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