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Singapore Job Markets...Find for expatriates

Finding a good job as an expatriate is always challenging. Singapore is an excellent place to survive and build up professional career with day to day learning.To get placed and face all attractive destinations and working environment here, emigrant students should have several dos and don'ts to look for.After a quick experience on current life style and suitable industry exposure we can have few guidelines to channelize your plan for taking foreign assignments in Singapore.

A snapshot on job environment:

1)Rapid growing economy with high living standard... enough job opportunity

2)Foreigners having more than 30% of Singaporean population... convenient life style

3)Wide spread economic balance from blue to white collar jobs... expanded employment source

4)Open recruitment policies,low personal taxation,and English speaking culture... Work friendly

5)Singapore is one of the most-business friendly economies in the world...lots of opportunities for foreign expatriates in MNCs.

6)Job options available for variable sectors like trade,science,technology,tourism,manufacturing,engineering,banking,finance,medical services.Electronics comprises of 50% of the job sector...A proven place for foreigners.

7)Private tuition in Singapore is another sector which looks really lucrative in terms of career options. Many expatriates are opting for full or part time tutoring job since the demand for home tutor is being manifold in Singapore.

Where to find job and how:

Internet:Good online job portals like,Jobs are great source of information to start with.You can prepare resume with online help from experts.Job search specific sites of companies also offer recruitment advertisements. For public service and other government jobs one can search Singapore government directory.

Newspaper:The leading newspaper in Singapore is The Strait Times.It has a weekend supplement containing job section called "Classified Jobs".

Job Fair: Every year Singapore Professional Centre (SPC) organizes large career fair.They have intricate networking relations with recruiting companies

Candidates staying outside Singapore need to have secured job offer before sending application for work permit. What so ever your job applications should include a well thought curriculum vitae with a passport size photograph. You might face several complexities while choosing best alternatives once landed up in the job market. Settling with good paying and satisfactory job depends on how efficient and quick adjustable you are with current job market. You can never be happy until you feel you are worth of your job and vice versa simultaneously. Apprehensions on current job market are the old stories now for many students being on the verge of university education. To be very frank once you get the pulse of your enthusiasm for work and nurture your mentality, securing a good and respectable job is not a big deal.

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