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Spider-Man Flash Games

    Doc Ock Games

    • Players can assume the role of villainous Doc Ock in "Doc Ock Rampage: Destroy the City," found at the "Spider Man 2" DVD page. To access the game, choose "Low Rent Apartments" on the map and click the TV screen upon entering. Players use the arrow keys to move and climb buildings and press the space bar to cause destruction. You must destroy all buildings to advance to the next level. Players lose lives when they lose all their health; the game ends when a player loses three lives.

      At the same site, you can help Spider-Man defend himself against Doc in "Runaway Train." When Doc attacks, press the number key that corresponds to the square on which his arm lands. The game ends when Spidey loses all of his good health.

    Mission Games

    • You can help Spider-Man reach the top of a tower and disable a fission bomb before time runs out in "Sandman's Tower," accessible at sites like Gamez Hero. Use the arrow keys to move and rotate around the tower; hold down the space bar and press the arrow keys to shoot webs. Players lose good health after touching electricity or running into villains. The game ends when a player's health bar is completely depleted.

      Players have to avoid villains and swing from building to building in "Spider-Man 3: Rescue Mary Jane," found at Andkon Arcade and other websites. Press the space bar to jump and the arrow keys to move and climb. Players rescue Mary Jane after succesfully completing three levels.

    Multi-Villian Games

    • Spider-Man fans can battle multiple villains in games like "Spider-Man 3: The Battle Within," accessible at sites including Sony Pictures' "Spider-Man 3." When fighting the New Goblin, Sandman and Venom, you can click power meters in the red zones to shoot webs, attack, and block and dodge attacks. When players click in black zones, Spidey uses the Symbiote powers, which ultimately dooms him. Players lose lives if they click outside red or black zones. The game ends when a player loses three lives or uses too much Symbiote power.

    Miscellaneous Games

    • You can take front-page-worthy pictures for The Daily Bugle in "Photo Hunt," found on Sony Pictures' "Spider-Man 3." Aim and click to take shots of Spider-Man and villains. After taking five shots, you must choose a picture to submit to the Bugle.

      Also at Sony Pictures' "Spider-Man 3," you can help Spidey reach targets in as few attempts as possible in "Spider Launch." Choose to jump as Spider-Man or the Symbiote, and use the mouse to set the power and angle of the jump. You must complete 10 jumps to finish the game.

    Word Games

    • The objective is to spell as many words as possible and reach the rooftop to face Doc Ock in "Spider-Man 2: Web of Words," accessible at sites like Big Money Arcade. After Doc tosses letters, the player types or clicks tiles to form words. For each word, Spidey climbs higher up the wall. Doc attacks if players take too long to spell. You will advance to the next level after defeating Doc in a fill-in-the-missing-letter battle. Players lose lives after their health meter depletes; the game ends when a player loses three lives. Aside from "Standard," players also may choose "Timed" or "Bonus-Only" modes.

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