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Hibiscus Wedding Themes

    Hibiscus Beach Theme

    • If you want a tropical beach wedding, a hibiscus-themed beach wedding is a natural choice. Wind hibiscus flowers around the altar until only hibiscus flowers can be seen and the altar structure is hidden. Choose a color of hibiscus that will stand out on the beach. While white flowers may not create much impact against the white sand, bright pink hibiscus flowers will make a bigger visual impression. Wind hibiscus flowers along the back of each guest's chair -- the rows and rows of hibiscus flowers will bring your hibiscus theme to life. If the wedding is taking place at dusk or when it is dark, surround the wedding area with tiki lights and wind hibiscus flowers around the stands. As guests arrive, they should be handed leis made of hibiscus flowers, dominated by the main color you have chosen.

    Outdoor Hibiscus Wedding

    • A hibiscus theme can bring life and color to a wedding taking place in a garden or other outdoor venue. Decorate the driveway of the wedding venue. If the road is lined by a fence or bushes, weave hibiscus flowers into this area. If there isn't anything to affix the flowers to, get potted hibiscus flowers and line the driveway with those. Weave hibiscus flowers onto the backs of guests' chairs and onto the altar. Hand out a hibiscus buttonhole to all male guests, and a hibiscus in a hair clip or brooch for female guests to wear. Have a face-painting stand for children who want a picture of a hibiscus flower painted onto their cheek.

    Indoor Wedding Reception

    • Bring hibiscus indoors to make an indoor hibiscus theme. At the reception, have waiting staff dressed with leis around their necks. Serve cocktails with hibiscus flowers stuck into cocktail sticks, sandwiched between two small pieces of fruit so they stay in place. Decorate doorways and picture frames with garlands of hibiscus flowers to ensure continuation of the theme. The tables where guests will dine should have a grand hibiscus centerpiece. If you have chosen one color of hibiscus as your main theme, make sure the centerpieces have this as the dominant color. Scatter hibiscus petals over the tablecloth and choose a tablecloth color that will maximize the contrast; for example, white tablecloths with red hibiscus flowers. Some dishes can be served with hibiscus petals as decoration, such as the wedding cake or dessert.

    Hibiscus Winter Theme

    • Hibiscus themes can be equally effective at winter weddings. Choose warm-colored hibiscus flowers such as pinks and reds. If there is snow outside, make snowmen and put leis around their necks. Write out the bride's and groom's names with hibiscus flowers in the snow. Adorn the outside of the building with Christmas wreaths, but weave in hibiscus flowers instead of other flowers and adornments you might usually use. Serve warming drinks such as mulled wine in mugs, tying on a hibiscus flower to the handle of each mug. To make a grand entrance like a snow queen, the bride arrives in a horse and carriage covered in white rugs and hibiscus flowers. To keep warm, the bride wears a white fur coat with a lei over the top to finish off the hibiscus theme.

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