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Learn French Fast- The Best Ways to Learn French Fast

So many people have the desire to learn French, and with good reason - its spoken as the official language in 33 different countries and its a beautiful sounding language - the language of love.
So, now you've made the decision to learn French - how do you learn French fast? The number one way to learn French fast is to immerse yourself totally in the language and the only real way to do that is to live in the country.
If you are able to do this then there really is no other better way to learn French fast.
Living in the country also enables you to develop a fluency that its harder to achieve using other methods.
Of course, leaving and going to live abroad is not an option for most people.
Rest assured though that there are many other ways to learn French fast.
There are a vast array of books available, which range from beginners right through to advanced learners, covering the important parts of learning a language - grammar, vocabulary and of course verbs.
My personal opinion is that whilst books are essential to learning a language the best way to start is to use a complete program which includes CDs or DVDs (this can of course be a software course for your computer too) so that the essential skills of listening and speaking can be practised.
Without listening to and learning from native speakers, a beginner will not properly understand how words should be pronounced and will not get the necessary listening practice therefore making it harder to learn French fast.
Once you have a good basic knowledge of the language then you can use books to enhance your skills by self study.
Learning the details of the verbs and grammar that you need to further enhance your ability to express yourself.
The real key to learn French fast is to practise consistency in your learning.
It is so important to devote time to learn as often as possible, ideally a little bit every day.
Set goals to learn just 5 words a day for example.
Everybody can learn 5 words and whilst it may not seem a huge number 5 words each and every day soon adds up and you'll be able to hold conversations in French in no time.

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