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The United States Military has once again proven it can get the job done and they have taken out Al Zarqawi the International Terrorists number one operational man, who had led the insurgents against the new Iraqi Government, Coalition Forces and United States.
But this is no time for the weak and it is no time to let off the gas.
We are winning The War on Terror and we must now go in for the final kill and break the balls and the backs of the enemy.
We must now work to round up the rests of these scum and slaughter them all.
We must make a statement to the World and the American People that we are winning the War on Terror and that killing innocent people anywhere on this little Planet is completely unacceptable and cannot and will not be tolerated.
Al Zarqawi represented the greatest threat to the Iraqi New Government and therefore peace and stability in the region.
This leaves only the Iran President, which supports and sponsors other International Terrorist Groups.
It appears we are well on our way to dismissing Al Queda from this time period and this is a tribute to the leadership of the United States of America, The United States Military, the will of the American People and our allies around the world.
A job well done and now lets finish them off; all of them.
Consider this in 2006.

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