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DIY Cutting for Cultured Marble Vanity Tops

    • 1). Measure the area for your vanity and mark the piece of cultured marble accordingly with the marker. Use the straightedge if you need to mark longer sections on the material. Cover the mark with a layer of masking tape, as this helps against chipping during the cutting process. Redraw the line if you cannot see it as most markers show through a layer of masking tape.

    • 2). Put on all of your safety gear to prepare yourself for the cutting. Open any windows or doors to the exterior if you are required to cut indoors, such as in a garage, but if you can cut outdoors it is best. Position your piece of cultured marble on top of some scrap wood so you can comfortably work over it with a cutting machine and not harm anything underneath it.

    • 3). Cut the cultured marble to fit with a circular saw or an angle grinder. Use a diamond tipped blade for the best results. Sink the blade through the material along the line while pulling the trigger and slowly move the blade along the cut marks. Only go as fast as the machine is able to cut, as forcing it will result in the blade bogging down.

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