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Taking Care of Antique Furniture, Rugs and Carpets

Some of our furniture, fixtures and home decors at home have been passed down to us as heirlooms: divans, grandfather's clocks, carpets, rocking chairs, chests, and others.
More than their price value, these items have accumulated intrinsic and sentimental values as well.
Therefore, it is important that we know how to take care and maintain these items in the good condition.
Furniture Furniture should only be dusted lightly with lint-free cloth.
When polishing wooden furniture, make sure it has been dusted before applying quality beeswax or wood furniture polisher.
When choosing a polisher for wooden furniture, it is best to check the labels to make sure that you are getting the right polisher for the right wood.
Some woods may be more porous than others and therefore, may need a different kind of wood polish.
To preserve furniture, it is also best to keep your heirloom and more expensive furniture in rooms with even temperatures.
Avoid keeping them in rooms with direct sunlight or in rooms that are vulnerable to various temperature changes as this may easily damage the wood.
Frequent moving of furniture is also one common cause of damage and wear and tear.
When moving and rearranging furniture around the house, furniture are better lifted than dragged.
For very heavy furniture, buffer or cushion the edges to avoid scratches and dints.
Rugs, Carpets, Tapestries Rugs, carpets and tapestries require a different method of cleaning and maintenance.
Rugs, carpets and tapestries are best moved and handled carefully as their materials and fibers are more easily degraded with time and with temperature compared to wooden furniture.
Rugs, tapestries and carpets can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.
However, it has to be done in low setting.
Avoid exposure of carpets and expensive rugs to the extreme elements such as extreme heat or humidity and moist or cool areas in your home.
When storing rugs and carpets, roll the bottom-side up with wax paper to protect the carpet and rug design from dusts and other insects that gnaw on their material.
When maintained properly according to what they require, furniture, home decors, rugs and carpets can really last long enough for you to pass on to your children and their children.
Sometimes, furniture can do more than decorate your homes.
They link lives.

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