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How to Connect a Palm to the Internet Using a Mobile Phone

    • 1). Contact your cellular provider and verify you have a data plan. An unlimited data plan allows you to access the Internet through your phone as often as you like. If you're without a data plan paying per kilobyte, your bill can be over $1,000 a month if you do not monitor your Internet usage.

    • 2). Contact your cellular provider to verify if you have a phone that has the mobile hotspot feature. If it does, ask what the extra cost will be. Access your cell phone and click on the mobile hotspot application. For example, the Palm Pixie Plus has an application called Mobile Hotspot. Click the option to turn "On" the mobile hotspot. Create a name for your network for the cell phone as well as a password to secure your network.

    • 3). Access the menu of your Palm device and access the WiFi access option. Click on the option to turn WiFi on. The Palm device will look for available wireless networks in the area. Look for the newly created wireless network you named.

    • 4). Click on the wireless network through the Palm and input the password used to access the wireless network you created. The network will refresh and connect the Palm to the Internet. Navigate to the web browser for the Palm OS and access your intended website.

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