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Suggestions for eye catchy web design

Due to the omnipresence of the Internet, conventional advertising media such as TV and radio have gone out of fashion. These days, all companies use a website to interact with their potential clients. While this has certainly made things easier, the exponential growth in the number of such websites has made it difficult for web designers to create an unique and eye catchy website. Though there are numerous tutorials offering tips on creating an eye catchy website, they seldom offer practical tips.

Firstly, designers have to understand that designing a website is all about optimal space utilization. Though every website has numerous pages, the Home page has the highest chances of impressing the first time visitor. Therefore, it is practical to have some good images and videos on the Home page so that the visitors find these images interesting and are compelled to spend more time on the website. Using minimal text content is recommended since visitors seldom have the patience to go through those volumes.

Next, the layout has to use pleasant yet vibrant colors. Do not forget that a designing a website requires artistry like painting. Blending proper colors with smooth shapes using a proper recipe can impress the visitor with its beauty. However, it does not imply that the page be filled with flashy content. As you might know, empty spaces in visual medium are as important as the pauses in music. Therefore, use a minimalist design and display strictly relevant information. Using this approach, you will have ample vacant space and visually appealing content which is sufficiently highlighted.
Appropriate placing and styling of the text is crucial in creating an eye catchy website. A designer must understand that using similar colors for the underlying image and the overlying text makes reading impossible. Therefore, ensure that the right colors are used in the background and the foreground. Further, using the right font and line spacing is important. If the website is being designed for business purposes, avoid using loud colors since they make the website look unprofessional. Though creating an eye catchy website is about beautification, it also refers to the ease with which the user can read the content. Thus, it is important to use the correct spacing between chunks of text so that the content is readable without straining the reader's eyes.

The final tip for creating an eye pleasant website is about being pennywise. Normally, most web designers tend to fill up every page with some information irrespective of without thinking about its necessity in the page. This is a very bad practice since visitors arrive on your page while looking for some information. Hosting useless information can affect the popularity of your website. Therefore, be very economical while including new elements into the page and include only the relevant information.

At every stage of design, criticize and analyze the design page from a common man's perspective. In spite of the tips provided for designing an eye catchy website, it is important that you follow your instincts and experience.

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