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Ford Ranger Small Block Install Information

    Time Frame

    • Given that you have all of the tools and parts required, the average V-8 Ranger conversion takes between 30 and 40 hours of total work time.

    Motor Mounts

    • You'll need a set of engine and chassis-specific motor mounts to perform the swap. Popular swap mounts are available from Summit Racing, Jegs and Advance Adapters.

    Oil Filter

    • A common problem with small-block retro fits is that the engine's oil filter tends to interfere with the truck's steering. You may need a remote oil filter setup like those sold by Ford Motorsports or James Duff Enterprises.


    • This swap requires chassis and engine specific headers. 351 headers are unlikely to work on a 302 engine because of clearance problems.

    Other Clearances

    • Bigger engines installed in older and smaller chassis may require notching of the frame-rails, denting of the floor pan and modification of the A/C airbox.

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