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Before the Secret Law of Attraction

Recently author Rhonda Byrne produced a video production which she titled 'The Secret".
Byrne made the media rounds and even made an appearance on the Oprah Show promoting the production.
As a result of this media tour, millions of people were exposed to a concept known as "The Law of Attraction".
For the first time in their lives, these people were being exposed to the notion that we as humans can and do, create our own destiny.
This Law of Attraction dictates that we can will fortune, health, love, happiness as well as negativity into our lives by the thoughts we create.
Of course there are detractors to this concept, but the positive response from her audience was overwhelming.
She went on to sell millions of copies of her video.
What many people have never realized is that the Law of Attraction was not the original work of Rhonda Byrne.
She admittedly read and learned of the law in a book that is more than 100 years old.
The book is entitled "The Master Key System" and was originally published by Charles F.
Haanel in 1912 In the early 1900's Haanel decided that he would interview the movers and shakers of his day and determine what made them so successful.
He interviewed wealthy businessmen, politicians, captains of industry, university scholars, and scientists.
He spoke with people such as John Rockefeller Sr.
, Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Ford Sr.
and many others.
They were all the brightest minds of that era.
What he determined was that there was a secret to their success.
In fact these men knew secrets and philosophies that had been passed down through their families for generations.
The secrets were not general knowledge, and they had in fact been kept from the discovery of the mass public for many years.
The secrets were meant for the privileged and the socially elite.
With these secrets protected and kept to themselves, they would insure that their families continued to succeed for generations to come.
Haanel had worked for 8 years to assemble his discoveries into his book.
As you might expect, when he published his book, "The Master Key System" in 1912, it was met with a great deal of controversy.
The people in control at that time felt the book gave the masses to much control in their lives and the book was even banned by the Catholic Church in 1933.
The book eventually became very difficult to find and most of the sales took place in the back rooms and undergrounds.
The teachings in The Master Key System have stood the test of time, and it is now more popular than ever.
People are finding that obtaining abundance and happiness in their lives doesn't have to be such a mystery.
The Law of Attraction has made that clear.
Discovery these secrets for yourself and see if it doesn't change your life.

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