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How to Register for Genes Reunited

    • 1). Go to the Genes Reunited site (see Resources below) and click on the "Sign up Now" tab at the top.

    • 2). Enter your registration information. This includes entering your first and last name, as well as your maiden name if you are married. You will also need to enter where you were born and where you live now.

    • 3). Create sign-in information. To keep track of your personal tree and interact with other Genes Reunited users, register your email address and create a password.

    • 4). Opt-in (or out) of sister sites. By registering for Genes Reunited, you can also join sites like Friends Reunited and Friends Reunited Dating, which offer more social services. You can select your preferences by checking the boxes at the bottom of the registration page.

    • 5). Double check your registration information and then click the "submit" button. Once this is finished, you can start building your family tree immediately.

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