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What Types of Tile Are Used for Pools?

    Ceramic Tile

    • Ceramic tile is a popular choice in and out of the pool.swimming pool image by Wolfgang Peinelt from Fotolia.com

      Ceramic tile is a popular pool tile that pool designers often use to tile the waterline to create a decorative finishing touch. This type of tile is made by firing clay at elevated heat levels. The tile is then glazed to create a hard and waterproof finish. You can find ceramic tile in a variety of natural colors, as well as tinted or painted with decorative designs. Most tile and pool-building-and-supply retailers carry a vast variety of ceramic pool tile in numerous colors and designs.

    Stone Tile

    • Stone tile comes in a blend of natural colors.background ,texture,stone image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.com

      As the term "stone tile" denotes, this type of tile is cut from natural stone. Because natural stone tile is cut from from stones in quarries around the world, the tiles produced are available in an extensive variety of earthen colors and display a one-of-a-kind appearance. Due to the porous composition of many natural stones, once it is cut, stone tile intended for swimming pools is treated with waterproof sealers to prevent staining the tile and soiling your pool.

    Pebble Tile

    • Pebble tile provides a natural beachlike effect.pebble closeup image by NeptuneTech from Fotolia.com

      If you'd like to change the look--and feel--of your pool from standard blue to a natural and tropical style, consider using pebble tile. Pebble tile is a composite material that uses small natural stones that are larger than gravel and smaller than cobble. During the manufacturing process, the stones are sanded smooth and connected with grout to form slabs of tile with a textured look and feel. Tiling the the bottom of your swimming pool with pebble tile can create a natural beachlike effect. A popular style is to cover the sides of a pool with stone tile and the bottom with pebble tile for a natural look.

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