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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on an Intrepid

    • 1). Slide the hitch under the rear of the Intrepid and place it against the underside of the frame. Ask a second person to hold the other side of the hitch.

    • 2). Mark all of the mounting holes in the hitch onto the frame using a black marker. Place the hitch off to the side for now.

    • 3). Drill out the mounting holes on the frame using a drill and a drill bit set. Frames are thick steel and usually rusty. Having several drill bits on hand will make the task go faster.

    • 4). Place the hitch against the underside of the Intrepid's frame and line up the holes.

    • 5). Push the bolts up through the hitch and frame. Secure them using nuts, socket and a ratchet.

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