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What is Your Soul"s Purpose?

Animals and plants are born with instinct.
They never have any doubt about who they are and what their purpose is at any point in time.
My cat Frodo (nickname for Sigmund Freud) knows that his purpose is to be outside, guarding our land from intruders, keeping the moles in their place underground and the birds in the air.
He comes in to eat, to warm up and to sleep.
CJ, (short for Carl Jung) his brother is not the alpha cat.
CJ doesn't guard.
CJ calms and snuggles.
If anyone in the home is upset, CJ will visit and sit on their lap or snuggle against their leg.
His fur is soft like a bunny's, and his purpose is to comfort.
We humans have free will, which is another way of saying that we're confused a great deal of the time.
We don't have that clarity of instinct.
Well, most of us don't.
We have a Soul's Purpose Some humans know when they are quite young "what they want to be when they grow up" such as Oprah, or Bill Gates.
My youngest brother was like that.
Everything he learned and loved, swimming, sailing, skiing, fishing, good humor, process, strategy and courage led him straight to his career in the military.
As a young child, his drawings were all of battles.
His play (before GI Joe and Action Heros) were with little characters, pencils or cowboy and indian plastic figures.
He would make a complicated terrain with his blankets and pillows, and then place his characters on high spots, or hidden behind "rocks" about his bed.
After college, he had a few tries at other jobs, but joined the NAVY when he was in his early twenties and never had a doubt that this was where he was supposed to be.
He was always the one on his team who knew where they were because he only had to glance at a terrain map to commit it to useful memory.
My route was more circular, kind of a spiral growing ever closer to my core, Soul's Purpose.
Perhaps yours was similar to mine because most people have several ideas as children, which are discarded as they learn more about the world of possibilities.
We are given talents that match our Soul's Purpose.
These lead us in the right direction because enjoyment and satisfaction then connect us to our Soul's Purpose.
If you follow your heart and pay attention to what is pleasing, you will find your Soul's Purpose.
How Does this Affect Our Self Esteem Our families and our culture can make a person feel that his Soul's Purpose, and/or that his talents are not good ones.
If my family had not honored my brother's desire to enter the military, he might have gone in another direction and never felt right about it.
In China, they honor their teachers.
In the United States there is the saying, "Those who can, do, and those who can't, teach.
" An American might make a decision to do something other than teach because of this stigma, even though their talents were in teaching.
Steve Pavlina honored his desire to make game software, and then used his personal growth and satisfaction with that to start one of the most helpful "self growth" websites in the world.
There is no profession that is not honorable if the person who is doing it is honorable and respectful.
So, follow your heart's desire and do it honorably.
The Law of Attraction will assist in your success when you are in the flow that was sent for you.

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