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Top Fork-Free Party Desserts

Here is a list of party desserts that can be eaten without a fork.

1. Nuts

Yes, you can just buy nuts in a can, but these are so much better. People will be amazed you did them yourself.
Salted Pecans
Sugared Nuts
Boiled PeanutsMore »

2. Bar Cookies

Yes, you can take some recipes and either make make them a drop cookie or a bar cookie. These are a different sort-of bar cookie. They can only be bar cookies, another no-utensils-needed dessert. Some of my favorites are:
Chocolate Nut Bars, pictured
Raspberry Bar Cookies
Lemon Snowbars
Gloria's Scottish Shortbread
Magic Cookie Bars
Even More Bar Cookie RecipesMore »

3. Regular Cookies

I believe cookies are the first food people think of as fork-free desserts. Cookie recipes can be as simple as a decorated sugar cookie to a fully loaded cookies like a Colossal Double White Chocolate Chip Cookie.
Here are a few other choices.
Crackerjack Cookies
Almond Cookies
Photo Gallery of More Cookie RecipesMore »

4. Brownies

Although considered a bar cookie, I believe Brownies stand in a class of their own. Some of the top brownie recipes are:
The Ultimate Brownie, pictured and my favorite
Boozy Brownies, my best friend's favorite
Texas Brownies
Chocolate-Frosted Brownies
Blondies, when it's not a Brownie, it's a Blondie
Even More Brownie RecipesMore »

5. Sweet Popcorn

Just about everyone loves popcorn. You can make your own sweetened versions with recipes like:
Red Carpet Corn made with bacon!
Amaretto Caramel corn
Glazed Popcorn
Popcorn Balls
Even More Recipes HereMore »

6. Cupcakes

Cupcakes are not just for kids anymore. They are the ideal serving of cake that can be eaten without a fork.
Make Cupcakes with Any Cake Recipe
Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes
Lemon Curd Cupcakes, pictured
Mini Pineapple Upside-Down Cupcakes
Chocolate Cupcake Cones
Reynolds FunShapes Baking CupsMore »

7. Fudge

Fudge has always been a fork-free, finger dessert. Most women just love chocolate fudge. Men love it too, but whenever I serve fudge, it seems that they prefer peanut butter to chocolate. I'm not picky, I love them both.
Walnut Fudge
Fantasy Fudge
Peanut Butter Fudge,pictured
Even More Fudge RecipesMore »

8. Other Homemade Candies

You can buy all the candy you want, but it's never as good as homemade. The next party you're invited to bring one or two of these candies:
Marble Bark
Peanut Brittle, pictured
Nut Rocca
Nut Clusters
A Few More Ideas Just for YouMore »

9. Sugared Cranberries and Other Fruits

You'll be addicted too. All it took for me was popping one Sugared Cranberry into my mouth and I was hooked. Who thought something so tasty could be good for you too?

Sugared Cranberries
Chocolate-Dipped StrawberriesMore »

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