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Leap Outside Your Box

Our current economy has forced all of us to look at life and events in a new perspective.
We're comfortable "inside our box", which offers us safety, predictability and relief.
If we venture outside that box, we feel anxious.
I may be a "glass half full" kind of gal, but I've also had my share of anxiety over our economy and its domino effect.
But for circumstances that are outside of my control, I remain calm and review my options (to clarify, I'm not referring to catastrophic events such as loss of a job or home).
I'll give you an example.
This past year, my husband and I spent a great deal of time searching for a new home.
Since housing prices were down, we wanted to buy a bigger home with land.
Six months into our search, we found the perfect home that would fit all of our needs (my husband was finally going to get his workshop and I was finally going to get my huge sewing studio).
The downside, however, is that this house was a short sale.
We put in an offer, which was accepted by the homeowners.
Then it went to their mortgage company.
We waited...
and waited.
We heard a lot of "any day now", but we soon realized the broker was just appeasing us.
After 90 days without word from their mortgage company, we withdrew our offer.
Back to square one.
Was there anxiety? Some.
But mostly it was just extreme disappointment.
My husband and I allowed ourselves to sulk for a few days, then we closed that chapter in our lives and reviewed our options.
We knew we didn't want to search for houses anymore.
So what could we do with our current 3-bedroom home to make it better suit our needs? We held a couple brainstorming meetings, and came to a compromise.
For my needs, we converted our rarely used living room into my studio.
We walled it in, changed out the flooring, etc.
, and five weeks later I had my studio! It wasn't as large as I would have liked, but that was my compromise.
As for my husband, we had already checked with our city and learned that we could build a workshop out back.
It won't be as large as he would have liked, but that is his compromise.
So that's our next project.
And that experience is what I wanted to share with you.
By leaping outside our box, my husband and I used a little creativity to make what we already had work for us.
Neither you or I have control over the nation's economy (other than by supporting our local businesses), but each of us can take a leap of faith outside our box.

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