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How To Troubleshoot a Jandy AquaPure

    Low or No Chlorine

    • 1). Add chlorine stabilizer as required. Chlorine stabilizer content should be 50 to 75 PPM. For every 50 pounds of salt, 1.25 pounds of stabilizer should be added.

    • 2). Increase the system's daily operating time.

    • 3). Increase chlorine production by pressing the "chlorine production rate adjustment" button.

    • 4). Enable "boost" mode and run for 24 hours.

    • 5). Press the "test salinity" button. If salinity is low, more salt may need to be added.

    • 6). Clean the cell if it is dirty or clogged.

    Screen is Blank

    • 1). Check that the unit is connected to a power supply and the pump is switched on.

    • 2). Fully insert into the connector the ribbon cable between front and back PC board.

    • 3). Properly connect the connector at the white plug between the transformer and back PC board.

    No "Cell On" Indicator

    • 1). Ensure "chlorine production" setting is not set to "00%." Adjust to desired percentage.

    • 2). Clean and/or unblock cell as required.

    • 3). Plug in the "flow/temp/salinity" sensor.

    "No Flow" Indicator Stays On

    • 1). Unclog the strainer baskets if necessary.

    • 2). Correctly align all valves.

    • 3). Clean or unclog filter if required.

    • 4). Plug in the "flow/temp/salinity" sensor.

    • 5). Remove the "flow/temp/salinity" sensor. Clean the sensor and reinstall.

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