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Careers for International Business Majors

    Tech Company Engineers

    • Tech companies are major employers of international business majors, according to Taylor. Specifically, electronics, oil and gas, or utilities with a global presence hire these graduates to represent business interests overseas. Tech company engineers are often responsible for establishing and developing foreign-based installations or restoring business operations. International business graduates, Taylor said, tend to possess skills in "marketing and sales, with a combination of business and international education and skills."

    Political Professionals

    • International business majors may also find success in political careers. "There is always the need for governmental representation around the world," said Taylor, particularly "career positions in the diplomatic corps." Many European Union members possess international business backgrounds and graduates tend to go on to work in positions as consulates or political economists, according to the Carthage College website. Additionally, political professionals have benefited from these studies by enhancing their understanding of global financial markets, international trade laws, political lobbying and black market, nuclear-weapons trading.

    Financal Careers

    • International business majors can thrive in careers related to global finance, according to Taylor. Academic institutions, such as Carthage College, provide students with specialized education in financial analysis, market research and economic forecasting relating to worldwide state and corporate dealings. Using "a combination of business and international education and skills," Taylor said, is important to international finance when dealing with corporate mergers, company expansions and employees who travel overseas to bolster foreign business support.

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