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How to Install Plywood Van Liners

    • 1). Measure the inside walls of the van to determine the size to which you will need to cut the plywood panels to fit them in place. Make certain to take into account the doors in the side of the van.

    • 2). Transfer the measurements you took inside the van onto the plywood panel to produce a pattern to cut. Use a pencil to draw the lines where you'll need to make your cuts.

    • 3). Cut out the pattern from the plywood with a jigsaw.

    • 4). Measure the locations of the support ribs inside the van and transfer these measurements to the plywood. Use the pencil to draw a line guiding where you will insert the self-tapping screws.

    • 5). Position the plywood inside the van in its final location, being careful to line up the marks you made for the insertion of the self-tapping screws with the support ribs.

    • 6). Drive the self-tapping screws through the plywood and into the support ribs. Do not allow the screw heads to bury themselves into the plywood, as this could cause the screw to extend beyond the support rib of the van and damage the sheet metal exterior. Continue driving screws in place until the plywood panel is securely fastened to the interior of the van's cargo area.

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