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How to Perform Handwriting Analysis for Fraud

    • 1). If a suspect has noted remarks in notes that you have taken, they can be useful in later testimony in court.
      There are very easy techniques that an investigator can use to obtain the truth behind the writing.

    • 2). The idea is to set up a system to determine if the suspect is committing fraud by forging signatures. The first step is to make sure that the type of paper that was used in the alleged forgery is the same type of paper. For example, if the paper was lined paper, note pad paper, grainy or smooth or lined/unlined.

    • 3). The next step is to have the suspect use the same instrument used in the alleged forgery. If the original document was written in pencil, pen, ballpoint pen or felt tip pen, then you should use this type of instrument.

    • 4). When the text in question is hand written as in comparison to hand printed, then you should try the technique of having the suspect write a series of words. Do not ask them to use their handwritten form or the hand printed form. You can then use the words to compare to the forgery in question. The mistakes should be clear.

    • 5). With the forgery in question, ask the suspect to write the name or words that were used with their strong hand. If they are right-handed, this is their strong hand. Afterwards, have them write the same words in their weak hand.

    • 6). You can also dictate different words to the suspect. While you are asking them to write the words, try dictating the words quickly. When they are finished writing the words that you have given them, quickly take the paper away so they can not see the words that they had just written. Compare the handwriting to the forgery to look for inconsistencies in the letters.

    • 7). The final step is to have them write the name of the person who has been allegedly forged. Once again, use the strong hand and weak hand technique. Then you can compare them with the signatures of the person who has allegedaly used forgery.

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