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How to Stop Talking With a Southern Drawl

    • 1). Reduce the length of your vowels. People who have a Southern accent often extend vowels longer than other American accents.

    • 2). Make sure you pronounce your -ing's. For example, say "going" and "walking," not "goin'" or "walkin.'"

    • 3). Use a /z/ sound in contractions, not a /d/ sound. For example, do not pronounce "wasn't" as "wadn't."

    • 4). Avoid using colloquialisms associated with a Southern accent, such as "fixing to" or "y'all."

    • 5). Listen to news reports or podcasts spoken in the accent you wish to adopt. If possible, replay news reports and speak along with the reporters, trying to mimic their accent.

    • 6). Read newspaper articles out loud, focusing on your pronunciation and accent. Record yourself reading a newspaper article and replay the recording, listening for extended vowels, -ing's and /z/ contractions.

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