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Are You Another Post Divorce Statistic, A Quick Tip to Deal With the Pain

Whoa Is Me! Today I felt stuck, that feeling where nothing is going right, frustrated, upset, agitated, I could go down the list.
I thought all my communication tips I give out each week to an email list, what a fluke, they are fake.
Nothing is going to work, I'm stuck in this mini depression forever, blah blah blah,HUMBUG and it isn't even December..
The worse part was I was so hopeless ever getting out of this place of depression.
OK,OK,I finally surrendered to trying a technique, any technique.
The depression wasn't fun anymore, feeling sorry for myself got boring, painful.
The Old Standby Technique, the one where I think of people that support me, thatreally care.
Yeah! at first I said, nobody cares.
Then I thought for awhile, hmm, my mom is always there for me, talk about unconditional love.
already a twitch of positive energy.
Then I thought about my business associate,teaching meunselfishly, aha,another nugget of energy, hmm, this isn't too bad, Then I remembered a friend that forgave me without blaming or shaming me.
A sigh and a deep breath, wow, my energy is coming back.
Oh, One of my mentors that lovingly and carefully listens and critiques my speeches, hmm more and more energy, Marshall Rosenberg, the time he gave me some silent empathy,no words were needed.
A deeper breath..
My lunch buddy, my bakery buddy, they all enrich my life with their friendship.
I feel energized again.
Now you try it, but wait until you are in a deep depression to see if it really works or you can try it now.
Anytime of day that you need some positive energy, try this.
How to do the exercise? Easiest way,make a horizontal list of people in your life you enjoy, underneath each name write out how they meet your needs.
I invite you to try this tip right now, it's fun really, to become energized.
I do hope this tip has been a contribution to ease and enjoyment of life.
Try it again before you put your head down to sleep, you will sleep so peaceful.
A values and needs list is attached at the website below that will help you with this exercise.
A Tip: Just looking at this values list will bring you energy.

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