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Carnelian and Copper Flower Earrings

Carnelian and Copper Flower Earrings

These earrings look great with the Carnelian Seed Bead and Copper Flower Necklace. I used basically the same technique to texture the flower charms, and then I added copper wire to carnelian beads and did a little coiling. The ear hook is made from the wire, so you start off with one long piece of wire for each earring and create the ear hook with the extra wire at the end.

To make the Carnelian and Copper Flower Earrings, you will need the following tools and supplies:

*2 - 1 inch Copper 10 petal flower charms
*Texture hammer
9 inches Copper wire, 22-gauge, round, dead-soft
2 - 8mm Carnelian beads
Sharpie marker
Wire cutters
2 Chain-nosed pliers
Round-nosed pliers
Nylon-nosed pliers
Jeweler's file

* These items were sent to me by Impress Art. You can locate stores and distributors on the company's web site.

Hammer Copper Flower Charm

1. Place one of the copper flower charms on your anvil.
2. Then using the dimple side of the texture hammer, repeatedly hit one side of the flower charm until you see small dents are covering the entire surface of the charm.

3. Repeat this for the other flower charm, and then set them aside for later.

Wire Loop

4. Using wire cutters, cut your wire piece in half so that you have two piece that are each 4 1/2 inches long.

5. Measure down on one of the wire pieces about 2 1/2 inches, and use chain-nose pliers to bend the wire at a 90 degree angle.

6. Grasp the bent area of the wire with round-nose pliers and wrap the wire around the nose of the pliers to make a wrapped loop, but do not wrap the loop closed yet.

Add Charm

7. Slip the charm onto the unwrapped wire loop.

Wrap Wire Loop

8. Now you can wrap the wire around itself two times, ending with the wire pointing forward. (Note: I find it helpful sometimes to hold the loop with a pair of chain-nose pliers in one hand while using a second pair of chain-nose pliers in my other hand to wrap the wire.)

Start Coil

9. Use the tip of round-nose pliers, and curl the end of the wire that you wrapped in the previous step.

Finish Wire Coil

10. Use nylon-nose pliers to hold the curl made in the previous step and continue to coil the wire using these pliers (so that you do not mark the wire).

Add Carnelian Bead

11. Add one of the 8mm carnelian beads to the other piece of wire that is still straight, and push it down.

Push Coil Against Bead

12. Using your fingers, press the coil up and against the carnelian bead.

Carnelian and Copper Flower Earrings

13. Now you are ready to make the ear hook part of the earring using the rest of the wire that is leftover. Right past the carnelian bead, hold the wire up against a Sharpie marker, and use your finger to wrap the wire around the marker.

14. Use a jeweler's file to file the end of the wire.

15. Either with your fingers or chain-nose pliers, slightly bend the end of the large wire hook you have made.

16. Repeat steps 5 through 15 to make the second earring so that you have a matching pair.
These are light-weight, fun, and a little dramatic. The finished pair of earrings measure 1 inch at their widest part and about 2 inches long starting at the top of the ear hook and measuring to the end of the flower charm.

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